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Train Valley launches today on consoles

by: Rob -
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The GN review is already live for a train game that is a little bit more puzzler than it is a tycoon type game, but Train Valley has completed it's seven year journey from PC (where it received generally favorable reviews) to consoles where it lands today. Switch, PS4, and Xbox One all get the game for around $12 on each platform.

The console version is considered the "ultimate" version and includes all releases and updates and all five campaigns in Europe, the Americas, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the German DLC which covers the end of World War I through the fall of the Berlin Wall all the way to the modern Frankfurt Airport. The key features and gameplay of Train Valley is to manage resources (unless you engage sandbox mode to turn off time and money restrictions) to connect an ever-evolving world. Building railroads to link map features is cheap across bare fields but increasingly expensive when needing to lay tracks through forests, villages, or other structures. Switches, sidings and spurs allow multiple trains to navigate the same tracks, hopefully without delays... or accidents (don't forget to use that pause button). There is the campaign focused story mode and a random mode, and over 30 types of trains to discover.