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Annapurna Interactive Showcase - Tune In July 28th

by: Sheyne -
More On: Stray Hindsight

Annapurna Interactive is hosting a livestream event to showcase their upcoming releases. They will be highlighting upcoming titles Thirsty Suitors and Hindsight and will also be sharing news about new titles, trailers, and developer partnerships. To keep us guessing they have also said to expect some surprises and I cannot wait to see what those will be!

The event gets going at 3pm ET, which is 12pm PT or 8pm BST and can be watched on the publisher’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. You can check out a preview now.

Expect something for everyone as Annapurna has a history of publishing great games, including Stray, which came out last week and has been getting great reviews. Plus, with other recent releases, like Neon White and The Artful Escape there always seems to be something new and exciting getting published at Annapurna.