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Terra Nil releases a gameplay trailer to accompany the demo

by: Rob -
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Terra Nil is the most subversive city builder I’ve ever played. All somebody had to do was completely flip the city-builder sim on its head. Just do a 180. A complete turnaround. Make itself unrecognizable. That’s all anybody had to do.

So that’s what Terra Nil did.

Sometimes understanding lines like the above are better seen than explained. While Randy did a great job writing that and more in his preview of the game from last summer, Devolver Digital have released a gameplay trailer for the reverse city building sim Terra Nil.

Terra Nil is still in development and the release date is still TBA, as was the case last summer. But it's unique concept built on on familiar city-building like gameplay sets itself up in a wonderful niche, like so many Devolver Digital games tend to do.

And if seeing is better than reading, then surely playing bmust be the best of the bunch. You can do that now with the demo available on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1593030/Terra_Nil/