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Roller Champions moves to full, free-to-play release on May 25

by: Eric -
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I don't know how I missed out on knowing about Roller Champions, but the game has somehow completely escaped my notice until the release announcement hit my email. According to an old article by Rob, Roller Champions was announced way back at E3 2019, with a demo that ran for a time after the announcement. Totally missed that. Oh well, I guess I know now.

Roller Champions is a new, free-to-play team sport game developed by Ubisoft. Players will compete in teams of three - either with friends or randos "with similarly skilled opponents" - which I take to mean "kids that play the game nonstop and will stomp on your face with their skates". The rules are simple - toss the ball into the goal to get points. The more times you make it around the track before scoring, the more points you get. And of course, your opponents will be trying to tackle your ass so they can steal the ball. 

I'm kinda suprised that it took so long for someone to make a Roller Derby game. This actually seems like it could be a ton of fun, much in the same way that Knockout City brought Dodgeball into the modern video game era. Monetization looks like it will pretty much stick to cosmetic items and season passes, so that's a bonus. 

Roller Champions will be available to play on Xbox and PlayStation consoles and PC via the Ubisoft Store. Switch, Stadia, and Luna version are also coming at a later date.