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E3 2019: Roller Champions demo available for a limited time

by: Rob -
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The full release of Roller Champions isn't for a while, some yet undefined time in 2020, but the E3 demo of the game is available now; and only so for the next few days. You can head over to Ubisoft's Uplay games service now to grab the download, but the window to play closes June 14th at 9am EST. 

Roller Champions is set to be a free-to-play sports game "where players skate, pass, dodge and score." The thing looks a bit like Tony Hawk meets Rocket League on roller skates to me. I imagine the game will be subsidized by micro-transactions for customization and maybe even with boosts to "fill up your arena" as that seems to be a big push of the early press releases. However, how the game will be monetized is complete speculation on my part. For now, the experience is free and there should be nothing standing in your way of jumping in and checking it out yourself. 

More info can be found on the official website as well as the download link for the demo.