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From Call of Sea developers comes American Arcadia

by: Elliot -
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Out of the Blue, developers of Call of the Sea, a game I found to be class leading in first person puzzle and story driven games. They’re back with an announcement trailer for American Arcadia, a game that looks nothing like Call of the Sea, but might be just as bonkers. “In American Arcadia, players take on the roles of two characters – each with their own distinct gameplay – whose lives and fates are intertwined. Arcadia is a ‘70s-style, retro-futuristic metropolis where everyone enjoys a life of luxury. But what the citizens don't know is that they are playing a role in American Arcadia, a television show that has been broadcast live 24/7 for decades. Under the eyes of countless viewers, those who are popular lead a carefree life with nothing to fear. But those who fall out of the audience’s favor risk a far less rosy outcome…”

There’s a lot to unwind in that description. Sounds like you’ll try and escape a ‘70s themed utopia, or rather dystopia. I also love the idea of essentially playing two games in one. American Arcadia is in development for both PC and consoles. You can also add the game to your Steam Wishlist. Lastly, if you crave even more American Arcadia, more information about the game will be revealed during this year’s Summer Game Fest and on its official website: www.americanarcadiagame.com.