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Ragnorium emerges from Early Access to a full release on Steam

by: Eric -
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Way back in October 2020, our sorely missed ex-copy editor Randy Kalista logged a preview for Ragnorium - a solo-developed survival sim about a group of clones trying to settle a planet while fending off an encroaching holy war. 

Randy had a lot of fun writing up his experiences, while noting that solo dev Vitali Kirpu was constantly making changes to the game to improve the somewhat choppy experience. Well, 18 month later, it seems that Kirpu is satisfied enough to punt his creation out of Early Access, with the release of the 1.0 version of Ragnorium on Steam. 

Published by Devolver Digital (so you know there is something good going on here), Ragnorium has been enhanced with new clone types, six planet maps, and a bunch of new characters and boss encounters. There is also a new "Zenlike" mode, which will allow new players a bit of breathing room to build up their bases before sending in the holy rollers (who are actually commanded by a sentient AI) to wreck shop.

Those interested in trying to stave off religion in the name of progress can grab the game here on Steam for $19.99.