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Awesome new trailer announces arrival of Demeo: PC Edition

by: Eric -
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For those that are looking to spend some time doing some tabletop dungeon crawling with their buddies in VR, Demeo is pretty much the best experience that money can buy. But while you are happy rolling dice and stomping trolls in VR, your flat-screen friends have been left out in the cold. But not anymore.

With the arrival of the Demeo: PC Edition to Steam Early Access, your party can now be completed by non-VR players. And in case those folks are inspired to upgrade, a purchase of the Demeo: PC Edition nabs the purchaser both the PC and VR versions of the game. Score.

Check out this awesome trailer for details:

For more information, check out our Demeo: PC Edition preview article, which includes some gameplay with the game's developers.

Demeo: PC Edition is available on Steam and Meta.