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Dying Light 2 talks UI and accessibility options

by: Rob -
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Techland is promoting their upcoming free running zombie slaying shooter, Dying Light 2, with a Dying 2 Know More series of videos interviewing developers and going behind the scenes on the creation of the game. In the latest installment, they dive deep on customizations you can make in your UI to make the experience as immersive as you want. You can not only toggle enemy health bars, the quest log, and experience point counters to your liking but there are loads of accessibility options as well like text size adjustments, subtitle backgrounds and speaker name coloration, color blindness profiles, a left-handed control profile, and a tap/hold toggle for button prompts. 

Hopefully this will be the best Dying Light experience yet and one that is open to players coming from all backgrounds. Dying Light 2 Stay Human releases February 4th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch (in the cloud), and PC.