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Dying Light 2 also coming to Switch, in the cloud...

by: Rob -
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A few weeks on the tail of the news that the release date for Dying Light 2 was getting pushed back two months comes welcome news for Switch owners that the game will also be officially coming to Nintendo's console. Huzzah!
The Switch release will actually drop the same day as the other versions, February 4th, 2022; but the experience is going to a little different. Technically, the Switch title is Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Cloud Version. To port the game over to Nintendo's under-powered hardware the devs over at Techland are going to be streaming the game to the console from the cloud (aka someone else's computer, in this case - Techland's). This deliver will of course require a Nintendo account and consistent high-speed internet connection to enable this streaming technology. This cloud version should give Switch owners the full Dying Light experience with the parkour running and tactical survival that the beefed up PCs and latest-gun consoles enjoy. 
Check out the Dying Light 2 page in the Nintendo eShop for details about availability, as the game will not be offered in all regions.