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Greak coming to last-gen systems

by: Rob -
More On: Greak: Memories of Azur

Greak: Memories of Azur is taking a bit of a different path, in that it is already available on next-gen systems and is only now getting a release for PS4 and Xbox One. Seems most games start last-gen and get next-gen upgrades, but not Greak, and that's great news given the scarcity of the next-gen systems. Now everyone can get to dip into Navegante's freshman title which just last month won the Latinx Games Awards Game of the Year and Excellence in Visuals. 

Owners of copies of the next gen game will get the last gen for free, and the release comes with an update including a new boss, a playable cinematic, an improved map, as well as additional accessibility options. The update is live on PC and the Xbox systems already, but won't be coming to PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch until 2022. I'm looking forward to that as the map especially was something I did struggle with in my PS5 review