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Latest cinematic trailer drops for Dying Light 2

by: Rob -
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I'm a sucker for a good trailer. This is a good trailer. The specific rendition of the Pixies "Where is My Mind" is the best I've ever heard, and there are ways to tie in the two scenes together better even given the limited time and space, but it does the job. 

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been pushed back from its original planned release which would have seen it out already and into February. But that hasn't stopped the pre-order train from chugging along toward the station. Now, let me go on record if I haven't before and make a disclaimer: never pre order a game. Just don't do it. But if you want to ignore that advice, the Dying Light 2 pre-order will net you the Reach for the sky skin pack, a cosmetic set of items that was produced in "close cooperation with Rosario Dawson" who plays a character in the game. 

Dying Light 2 is still on track for the pushed back February 4th release date for all systems, even Switch