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I'm tripping on game soundtracks so here are 10 of the prettiest you'll find

by: Randy -
More On: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Look, I'm on a music bender, okay? Some folks complain that sound effects and soundtracks in video games are underrated. Well, I've never underrated them. Music can haunt your entire school day, entire work day, entire whatever-you're-doing day. And so when the AtinPiano YouTube channel compiled its 10 Most Beautiful Game OSTs to Study/Relax To (I know, I know, we get it with that meme title already), I couldn't take my headphones off. The visuals on that channel are always mesmerizing to. Watching AtinPiano play from a top-down perspective is great, sure. But it's watching those Guitar Hero music lanes streaming down towards the keys that make it so I can't look away.

Hey, the only reoccurring dream I have an as adult is sitting down at a piano and suddenly being a masterful pianist and not knowing how I got there.

This top 10 list also started right off with Skyrim, then right into the piano piece you play in Detroit: Become Human. Then, just when you think it's only going to pick newer pieces (well, Skyrim is 11 years old this year), it goes into the nine-minute Final Fantasy VII main theme. 

Yes, video games are great. But it's the rare game—and an intentional choice that's hard to execute on—that isn't made better with a good, listenable, repeatable soundtrack. And the video ends on a second Skyrim track. Watch the visuals. They prove how deceptively simple (i.e. not simple) video game songwriting can be.