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Lo-Fi Is Strange is the best new Beats to Relax/Study To playlist I've heard in a while

by: Randy -
More On: Life Is Strange: True Colors

Our review of Life Is Strange: True Colors left our EIC wrestling with himself. At once complimenting its colorful and attractive cast of characters, all while cursing the postcard-perfect town it takes place in. Those are the most fun reviews for me to copy edit: ones that leave our writers torn and ripping blank pages out of their Selectric typewriters, crumpling up the 8.5 by 11 sheets and missing their toss at the wastebasket.

I haven't had a chance to play True Colors yet. But the Life Is Strange team put out a Lo-Fi Is Strange song mix on YouTube, and it's legit good music. Look, if you're like my wife, for instance, and abhor every kind of music that came out after the early 1800s, then you're not going to appreciate the Beats to Relax/Study To vibe. Heck, they even drew up True Colors' protagonist, Alex Chen, animated relaxing/studying to. 

They're not the newest marketing schemers to do this. But this music is legit dope and I'll be listening to it on repeat all day tomorrow at work. The tracks hit that sweet slightly-underwater ear-stuffed and vinyl-crackling vibe that fuels this Gen X'er through a Millennial world. Not to be eh about it, but too many other channels like this devolve into lite jazz with boringly looped drums. Low effort. Low energy. But this Lo-Fi Is Strange gets it right, and even weaves in dialogue and sentiments from the game. I'd check out the game if I could just turn off this channel.

Life Is Strange: True Colors launched today, September 13, on everything.