Dreamscaper is even deeper than I realized, and I reviewed it

by: Rob -
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I wrapped my review for Dreamscaper last week and while I was thoroughly impressed by the game, it wasn't until reading the press release that a few things about it's depth actually jumped out at me. There are apparently "more than 200 items, weapons, and powers" at your disposal to skate through the levels and challenge the end bosses with. Dang. I recognized in my playthroughs how the weapons and combat skills felt varied and unique, but gotta say I am impressed that they all sum up to so large a total. Cool.

Dreamscaper is an excellent game. Ian Cofino, co-founder, Afterburner Studios puts it well: “Being able to bring our labor of love to the Nintendo Switch is something of a dream unto itself. We wouldn’t have been able to reach this point without the feedback and support of our Early Access community, so thank you all. Now everyone can go make some unforgettable dreams of their own!” The labor of love really does bleed through the game into the playing experience. And speaking of the move from early access, the full release of new bosses titled Regret and Resentment start to hint at the emotional notes the game strives to hit as well. 

Dreamscaper once lived on Steam via that Early Access, but is now available in full release for both PC (Steam and Epic Game Store) and the Nintendo Switch, where I played it. It's $25 and well worth a pick up.