Free weekend upcoming for Marvel's Avengers

by: Rob -
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Marvel's Avengers released largely to mixed reviews. Nathan gave it a 6.5 for our review and said it needed more post-launch content. I had a number of friends who spoke highly of it and said it was a good time. I was always a bit biased because by opting to stick with the comic book IP and not license the motion picture stars for the character models, well... the whole game just looked like an Avengers knock-off, even if it is an officially licensed product. I can't see an image and not think about the scene in SpaceBalls where they capture the stand doubles. 

But I digress... This is a game I have always wanted to try, and there has been significant post-launch content and game tweaks in these last 10 months (including updating to next-gen systems). Looks like this weekend is the perfect opportunity to take it all in, as Marvel's Avengers is going free to play from July 29th to August 1st. The free weekend extends to Playstation, PC via Steam, and Stadia. Sorry Xbox, nothing for you now but a similar trial is promised for the "coming months." The full game will be unlocked and all progress will carry over if you decide to buy when the trial ends. The weekend is meant to coincide with the permanent launch of the multiple-hero feature in the game. Multiple-hero allows players to matchmake online with more than one of the same hero. So whereas before if four players all loaded in as the Hulk, they would need to find 4 sessions and matchmake with others, now more than one Hulk can drop into the same lobby for faster and easier matchmaking. 

You can find the free trial starting July 29th on the PSN, Steam, or Stadia.