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Star Wars Pinball VR adds Droids table and accompanying goodies

by: Eric -
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Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in. The fine folks at Zen Studios have got their hooks in me deep with Star Wars Pinball VR, and just when I think I'm ready to put it down so I can play some other VR games, they drop another free table into the mix. It's the crazily addictive gift that keeps on giving!

Not that I'm complaining, really. Star Wars Pinball VR was already fantastic, and the fact that Zen keeps adding new free content to the mix is nothing to moan about. This time, Zen has added the new Droids table, which was already in the game by the time it was announced. And of course, they added a bunch of goodies to the fan cave so that players can deck out their shelves with a bunch of new collectables (which I completely obsess over, even though they aren't...you know....real).

The only question left for me is which version I want to play. I have Star Wars Pinball VR on both PlayStation VR and Quest 2. The PlayStation version features my "Empire" cave, where the shelves and walls are covered with stormtrooper helmets and Empire propaganda posters. The Quest version has a cave full of Rebel stuff. That may make you think that I should play on Quest, but I'm a lot farther in the PlayStation version, since that's where I started. Hmmm...delicious decisions, delicious decisions.

Star Wars Pinball VR is now available on Oculus Quest, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR.