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Hades coming to consoles

by: Rob -
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When I reviewed Curse of the Dead Gods (excellent game, by the way, gave it a 9) I had never played Hades. After my review released I took a trip on Metacritic to see what other's thought, as I often do. Turns out my 9 was a shade higher than average, and one theme I kept seeing from more critical assessments was something similar to "it's not as good as Hades." Well, I've still not played Hades, but maybe it's time to change that...

You see, the folks over at Supergiant Games, those responsible for Hades as well as other excellent titles like Bastion and Transistor are bringing the game to PS4 and PS5 and I can think of no better game to play in August than this one. The release date is specifically set for August 13th and will also be coming to Xbox One and Series X|S also. Hades already exists for PC, Mac, and Switch. A nice wide release into all major platforms for a game that is already so well-regarded, it's stature spills into reviews for similar games. Can't wait.