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Maskmaker gets physical release from Perp Games

by: Eric -
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Perp Games, the folks behind so many physical PSVR releases, are teaming up with InnerspaceVR and MWM Interactive to offer a physical version of MaskmakerVR on PSVR on June 18th. We previously reported that the game will release digitally on April 20, which I believe is still the case.

MaskmakerVR is being developed by InnerspaceVR, the same team behind A Fisherman's Tale. That game has become a classic in VR circles, and like Fisherman, Maskmaker looks like it will be pushing VR in interesting new directions.

According to a recent press release, "players will encounter Prospero, the powerful “leader” of the mask realm, who invites them into his workshop to become his new apprentice. As players learn how to craft magical masks, they will soon discover that their newfound ability allows them to transport to different worlds and possess the various guardians within the mask realm. Players will need to explore each world to collect rare resources, solve puzzles and develop their crafting skills to prove they are worthy of being a Maskmaker. From mask-to-mask and puzzle-to-puzzle, players will make their way through the mask realm to seek Prospero and ultimately unravel the truth behind this identity."

To learn more about Maskmaker, visit the game’s official website www.maskmakervr.com. It doesn't look like preorders are up yet, but to keep an eye on all of Perp's products, you can sign up for news alerts on their website.