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You got your MudRunner in my The Day Before

by: Randy -
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The Day Before showed us rolling into a post-pandemic open-world MMO trash-scape and having to stop for fuel. Funny enough, there was no fuel gauge on the screen, and I'm not sure the players even found any fuel after their romp with other PvP'ers and zombie mobs.

But today's "Offroad Adventure Awaits" video kind of impresses, now with 100% more fuel gauge. We're back in the Land Rover (if that's what it is). We're out in the woods. It's gorgeous. But the dirt road has gone completely to hell, and this is where The Day Before turns into MudRunner for about 50 yards. I wasn't expecting it, and I completely love it. Besides, it's obvious these developers are having fun with it.

All these games with their stunning snow physics is one thing (good job, God of War, good job, Red Dead Redemption 2), but translating those nearly identical looking physics into mud gets my grimy meter filled up. Especially with standing water in those puddles. It looks wonderfully miserable to drive through. And if images on the official website are to be believed, there's plenty of SnowRunner gameplay, too. I'll take it. I'm liking more of The Day Before the more I see of it.