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The Day Before looks like a zombie-fried The Division

by: Randy -
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Fresh out of nowhere, developer Fntastic announces The Day Before [official site]. With The Wild Eight, Fntastic got a polygonal isometric open-world survival crafter under its belt, albeit to middling reviews. But with The Day Before, here, it looks like their ambitions are skyrocketing.

The first thing you're going to notice is how this newly announced game evokes Tom Clancy's The Division: as a modern military shooter but with a post-apocalyptic wardrobe, Christmastime in the city with billionaire stealing headlines, the streets empty of everything but trash and abandoned vehicles. Replacing a KFC logo with the letters of the FCC is pretty clever, I'll admit.

This five-minute gameplay demo is played slow and scripted by the devs. It starts with their vehicle running out of fuel, even though I don't see a fuel gauge on the UI. The lighting and reflections look RTX-ready. Not to mention those puddles, right? The two-man team playing immediately splits up, which is something you never want to do, of course. Dude's inventory has a Walkman (what year is it?!), a watch, a Zippo lighter, and a magazine which might be a burn card for temporary bonuses. But he's more excited about the cowboy hat he found in a little city car. They learn about a survival colony that'll serve as a player hub. A firefight pops off with some other online players. Sounds like you can hear other players chat in the vicinity. All this while managing temperature, stamina (?), and hydration. There's some bandage crafting—even a splint for potentially broken bones—some sneaking, skyscrapers full of zombies that don't react to flashlights, although they potentially react to sound since dude stops talking into his mic when they're around. 

The Day Before's launch is "coming soon" to PC [Steam page].