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After eight years The Dark Eye finally point-and-clicks on consoles

by: Randy -
More On: The Dark Eye: Memoria

Out of nowhere, the two classic The Dark Eye adventures on PC—Chains of Satinav and Memoria—made their way onto consoles today: Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

It's been nearly eight years since I reviewed The Dark Eye: Memoria [9 out of 10], yet that adventure game still springs to mind every once in a while. Possibly because I'm no longer a fan of the old school point-and-click gameplay model—though Memoria handles it wonderfully. Or maybe it's because the motion-comic art style is so good that I could still just sit and stare at the screenshots all day. With its artful characters and locations, the game doesn't look a day over Brand New. I never got around to Chains of Satinav. It may very well be time to remedy that.

Suffice it to say, one of the best-looking games coming out on consoles right now is from 2013. And don't even worry about that part. The stories and puzzles don't care about all that. You'll take Geron, the bird boy, down one narrative timeline, and you'll take Sadja, princess lady, down an intertwining timeline. Like I said in my review of Memoria, it weaves a tapestry of truth versus lies, of storytelling grappling with the fallacy of memory, and of the interesting idea that the past can be as malleable as the future.