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CES 2021: Razer shows off two interesting projects: a gaming chair and a smart mask

by: John -
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Razer is no stranger to showing off concepts at CES. Last year, they had a really cool E-Racing sim setup that really put you in the drivers seat of a car. This year though, there were two items that, while on a different spectrum in terms of products, look really promising.

First up is Project Brooklyn is a gaming chair that really takes it to the extreme. It looks like an ordinary gaming chair, but at a push of a button, a large rollable transparent OLED display is dispatched to sit in front of the user. Also, a desk area is deployed to let you put a keyboard and mouse on for gaming.

Razer emphasized that the technology in Project Brooklyn was done with current technologies so while there isn't a real world prototype to show off, everything in the project is something that's been demonstrated to people. At CES last year, I stood in frot of LG's roillable TV set and it was pretty amazing and also something you can purchase now for $87,000.

Will Project Brooklyn become reality? Only time will tell, and if it does I don't dare guess how much it would be with what its trying to accomplish. But as a concept, it's pretty wild.

The other concept has a much bigger chance of coming to fruition and that's Project Hazel. Project Hazel is a smart mask that features active filtration, a clear front, voice amplification, and of course, Razer Chroma.

Razer wanted a mask that allowed for people to show off their mouth so people can see emotions again when conversing. There's even a low light option to illuminate your mouth when things get dark.

The Chroma option is not only for styling, but to let you know things like when the mask is low on battery. Razer is looking to make the mask be usable for at least a day so you aren't looking to charge it halfway through the day.

Of course, the mask is made to filter out 95% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger, hence N95. The air is filtered both in and out of the mask. The silicon gasket provides a good seal around the wearer for further protection from droplets.

The box to charge the mask also doubles as a disinfectant as there's UV lights in there to help kill off germs.

All told, it's really an interesting take on a mask and I hope this one makes it as a real product to be sold.