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Override 2: Super Mech League to receive cross-generation play on PlayStation

by: Eric -
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Gaming Nexus' review of Override 2: Super Mech League went live yesterday. While we really enjoyed playing Override 2 with friends over the holidays, we were a little bit stumped by the lack of cross-play between generations of PlayStation consoles. 

In my review, I said that I "have the PS5 version, but my buddies are on PS4. I had to download the PS4 version to play with them – not a deal breaker, but I am missing out on the super slick 60 FPS 4K visuals when I want to play with my friends – and my progress and any money I earn in those battles doesn’t carry over to the PS5 version."

Like I said in the review, this omission doesn't break Override 2's gameplay - it's still a ton of fun to whomp on friends with mechs. But it did seem like a miss. However, it seems that this issue will soon be rectified. After our review went live, PR for Modus Games reached out to inform us that cross-gen play will eventually be enabled. An unforeseen snag occurred right around launch time, and Modus' devs simply didn't have time to solve the issue before launch. 

Cross-gen play will be patched in in the future, though Modus doesn't want to commit to a timeframe just yet. It's also important to note that Xbox versions of Override 2 do have cross-gen play, signifying that it was clearly a goal from the start.