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Yeah but have you flipped property in a Gas Station Simulator before?

by: Randy -
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Who knows what I'm looking for in this new year. One minute I'm picking painterly flowers as the tree whisperer, the next minute I'm reopening an abandoned fuel stop. Gas Station Simulator isn't going to win any game of the year awards. Can we both be honest with each other about that? But sometimes you need something new to do in video games—and that inspiration comes out of gosh dang nowhere. 

It's simple: You, a first-person muscle car owner, buys, restores, renovates, and expands an abandoned gas station in the middle of the desert. I mean it, you've got to clean this place up. Get rid of ratty, broken furniture. Fix up the walls. Paint. Decorate. Repair every piece of equipment you can, then buy new whatever you can't repair. Hey, looks like you've got some customers on the way, too.

Gas Station Simulator, the simulator you never knew that (and probably still aren't convinced) you needed, is coming Q1 2021. A demo is available on Steam for us nonbelievers. Have you given up on a lot of recent AAA video games? Me, too! Maybe it's time I gave some indies a shot.