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Sunlight looks all peaceful, sure, but it's from the fearmongers that made Among the Sleep

by: Randy -
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Krillbite Studio today announced Sunlight, "a short, vibrant and thought captivating exploration game." I want to give Krillbite the benefit of the doubt, especially when there's a kindly old man asking me to relax in the trailer. But these are the same folks that made Among the Sleep, a game that placed you in the pajamas of a preschooler trying to survive the horrors lurking in every child's shadows. And this is also the same studio that made Mosaic, a white-collar horror pitting you against the crowds, the traffic, and your cubicle in a color-drained adulthood. 

I mean, what's going on over there at Krillbite?

This time, however, with Sunlight, Krillbite asks us to simply take a walk. Through the brightly colored woods. Picking some flowers, perhaps? But then there's all this whispering. Why the whispering? Why you gotta be like that, Krillbite? So, again, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, that this is indeed supposed to be some meditative, harmonious, hand-painted hike, narrated with philosophical insight. But I'm squinting my eyes at you, Gaming Studio That Loves Getting Under People's Skin. That's your new name, Krillbite. Embrace it.

Nah, I don't want to pigeonhole this dev studio that harshly. It's great that they're branching out ("branching out," ha) with this walking sim about talking trees. It's fine. I'm sure it's...fine.

Sunlight will warmly spread its 30 minutes of gameplay onto Steam and Itch.io on January 14.