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Haven's soundtrack sounds as good as it looks, and looks as good as it sounds

by: Randy -
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I'm not the biggest dancehall fan. I couldn't point out the difference between synthwave and white noise ocean waves if you put a gun to my head. But the soundtrack to Haven by Danger is magical stuff. I haven't been able to skip the game's opening movie, not once, because its bright and sci-fi-sunny disposition is the perfect setup. And while I was goin to just let it slide (since Gaming Nexus doesn't normally spend much time on video game soundtracks), I can't do that in this case, since the Haven OST, two weeks on, has officially made my heavy rotation.

Complementing the hover-rollerblading space romance is this big huge array of bedroom-coder keyboard synths that, honestly, make all the clouds disappear on those furry alien grasslands. And with game world-centric track names like "Appledew Stew," "Blooting Hornets," and "Millions of Lumsecs Away" there's no way to stay mad at Haven's gameplay. Haven's story feels adjacent to the Saga graphic novel, minus the, um, graphic stuff in Saga. But they have to exist in parallel universes. They just have to.

Here's a link to the full original soundtrack on Spotify too, if you'd rather not have a YouTube tab clogging your internet. Our review of Haven is in the works.