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Everspace to receive 4K patch on Stadia in 2021

by: Eric -
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Here's a novel approach: acknowledge that your game is not running in native 4K on Stadia on the day that it releases, then promise to patch it in. Hmm...why didn't everyone else think of that?

I'm speaking, of course, about ROCKFISH Games, and its hit 2017 space shooter Everspace, which is now available for free to Pro members on Stadia. Everspace launched today on Stadia, along with a $9.99 expansion pack, and ROCKFISH immediately put out a statement clarifying that it will be patching in 4K support in early 2021. There is something to be said for transparency, and ROCKFISH should be lauded for clarifying its ongoing support for the Stadia version of its game.

“Bringing the original EVERSPACE to Stadia was more than a commercial business decision for us,” said Michael Schade, ROCKFISH Games CEO and Co-founder. “Thanks to Stadia, we can finally offer tens of million space pilots around the globe the chance to enjoy EVERSPACE at a high quality gameplay experience even without owning a capable PC or console.” 

Gaming Nexus reviewed Everspace upon its original release and really enjoyed it, giving the game a 9.0. I plan on checking out Everspace's performance on Stadia in the next two days, so keep an eye on Gaming Nexus for a video or two.