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Blazing Chrome and Two Point Hospital show up on Luna

by: Eric -
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Okay, this is just getting silly. It seems like every time I log into Amazon Luna to see what's going on, more games have appeared for me to play. Earlier this week, CrossCode and Everspace showed up, and today two more games have appeared. 

Blazing Chrome and Two Point Hospital are now available for play on Luna, and that $5.99 subscription fee (which my wife is accidentally paying for - probably best not to remind her) is getting more and more worth it. 

Blazing Chrome is a classic run-and-gun game, taking place in a Terminator-style post apocalyptic wasteland where machines rule the world. "Dash through 5 apocalyptic environments with hundred of robots-enemies to blow to pieces. Blast your way through the enemy lines and and try to defeat a bunch of mechanical bosses with using hoverbikes, huge armors and a whole arsenal of kick-ass weapons."

Two Point Hospital is a hospital sim, allowing players to design and run their own hospital. "Design and build your own hospital - Build up a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful – or functional – healthcare operation in the whole of Two Point County."

I'll probably hop into one or both of these games this weekend to check out how they are running on Luna. Look for some videos to be posted tomorrow!