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Happy PlayStation 5 launch day!

by: John -
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Today is the official launch day for Sony's next console, the PlayStation 5. This new console is Sony's most powerful and one of the most innovative consoles yet.

AMD is behind the internals of this new box and it lets you render some games at 4K/60FPS. It runs cool and quiet and delivers an experience that's top notch for gamers.

As I've said before, the star of the console is the controller and it's by far the best thing about the PlayStation 5. The haptics on that thing is insane and it feels really solid in the hand. It does make you more engaged in the game and I can't wait to see what other companies do with it.

While only pre-orders are available now with none in stores, expect Sony to try and ramp up to meet demand. Hopes are that we'll see them in stores in the next month or so, but don't be surprised if it remains hard to come by into next year.

Hopefully, you got one and can enjoy a pretty awesome system that Sony has developed for the next 5+ years.