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Oculus Quest 2 is now available

by: John -
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The latest and greatest from Oculus, the Oculus Quest 2 is now available. This HMD that starts at $299 features a higher resolution screen, a high refresh rate, WiFi 6 and comfort improvements over the previous Quest.

Announced last month, the Quest 2 is Oculus's strategy going forward for VR HMDs. The Rift line will be discontinued and it makes sense since the Quest 2 can connect to the PC via a USB cable to play games from your PC or you can use it stand alone without a computer.

It features inside-out tracking and will allow you to take it anywhere without having to setup external sensors or lighthouses. You can pick it up from many places starting today and I already saw one of my friends with it as it was delivered today.

The Quest 2 has a great deal of games in its library that you can play without a PC such as The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, Beat Saber, and Vader Immortal to name a few.

It looks to be a nice VR HMD that has some good improvements and is very versatile in how you can use it. This could be a nice upgrade for those with an older Rift or those with a previous Quest.