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The Xbox Series S is officially announced with a price tag of $299

by: John -
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Yesterday, we had a few leaks on the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S was never announced officially and only hinted at or rumored about, until now.

Following the details that were leaked yesterday, Microsoft finally made it official with the announcement of the digital only Xbox Series S. It's a smaller box than the Xbox Series X with a big vent on one side for cooling. Having such a small device play your next generation games seem very appealing, especially with the price tag of $299.

I've heard this won't be as powerful as the Xbox Series X console and that's backed by the fact that the video below marks 1440P at 120FPS as one of its features, but the price will be right for many people. Add in the big value that Xbox Game Pass can give you for $15 a month, and you got one console that is both affordable and has plenty of titles to play.

November 10th is when you'll be able to pick one up.