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The first 15 minutes of gameplay for Yes, Your Grace

by: Rob -
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There is something about Yes, Your Grace that first caught my eye in the initial trailer and now we get a chance to see if the first 15 minutes lives up to that promise. This video largely walks you through the tutorial aspects of the game and doesn't appear to have any major spoilers in what I watched, but I must admit I am hopeful enough to get a chance to play it soon that I didn't actually watch all 15 minutes start to finish myself. But the quirkiness, the decision making, the interaction with the world around you are all on display and I am now even more eager for this one than from the trailer alone. 

Yes, Your Grace releases on Switch and Xbox One later this week, June 26th, for $20. There is still that 15% discount for pre-orders, marking it down to $17 for the next two days on the Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop