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Yes, Your Grace coming to consoles

by: Rob -
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I don't know there's just something about the trailer that really makes me want to play this...

Yes, Your Grace is a kingdom management sim. You sit on the throne and help your family, your Lords, and your people with their problems. At first thought seems a little ho-hum but then you learn those problems include monster attacks and invasions and things start getting a little more interesting. Then you discover the tools at your disposal include hiring Witches and following the lives off all sorts of quirky characters and things get even more interesting. Next thing you know you're watching the trailer below and, like. me, can't wait. for this game to hit the Switch and just play it. 

Yes, Your Grace is already out on PC, where it had a wildly successful launch in March. It releases on Switch and Xbox One on June 26th for around $20. There is a 15% discount on the various e-shops for pre-orders, which are open now.