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Being a Stray kitty might be the best way yet to explore a Blade Runner city

by: Randy -
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Speaking of kittiesStray was another neat one from Sony's Future of Gaming show on Thursday. This one, from newcomer BlueTwelve Studio and published by the formidable Annapurna Interactive, puts you in the paws of a backpacked feline traversing a surprisingly human-feeling Blade Runner city full of androids.

It starts off in an alley, where city cats may call home, but is always the fringiest of fringe places for a human population—let alone an android population. Where the bipedal NPCs are meant to quietly decompose, the quadrupeds thrive and lash out from the shadows. 

I'm not 100 percent sure what you're doing in Stray. Don't know what the backpack is for. But it's great going from rooftop to fire escape to window sill, observing this world which is all too familiar, despite being filled with robots. A shave and a haircut is more like an oil change and a bolt tightening from the robo barber. Customers haggle with shop owners displaying their CRT monitor faces. 

All the while, Stray—haha get it? Because you're like a stray that strays? Both the noun and verb?—has you naturally parkouring onto every horizontal surface you can find. 

Stray is coming in 2021 as a limited time PS4 and PS5 console exclusive, and will also be on PC.