Pragmata coming 2022, earns degree from Kojima School of What the Heck

by: Randy -
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This one's a ways out. Coming in 2022 is Pragmata, a "breathtaking dystopian world" from some folks at Capcom that must've graduated from the Hideo Kojima School of What the Heck.

This extended cut announcement trailer, which debuted Thursday on Sony's Future of Gaming broadcast, is all about making you slightly uncomfortable as a viewer. We've got a Japanese astronaut walking through an abandoned Times Square in New York City. The ads are still running full bore, and there aren't even any signs of destruction—not in the cars, the streets, or the buildings. Our astronaut fires off some kind of digital flare, revealing a hologram of a little girl crossing the street alone.

The scene transitions to that little girl, alive, accompanied by some kind of cyber-hologram kitty. The both look up to see a nightmarish twist on Inception, with buildings, cables, and wires cycloned into some urban beast. Somehow the moon appears to be at fault, and I think a satellite crashes through a Truman Show-sized dome around the city. Gravity disappears and...

Well, you get the picture. This video is a must-see for Weird Video Game aficionados—you know who you are. (Raises hand.)

Again, this one is a couple years away, aiming for a huge 2022 window, so take this cinematic with a grain of salt.