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The Last of Us Part II only weeks away

by: Rob -
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After its initial February release was pushed back amongst a global pandemic, it looks like we're finally going to get to step into Ellie's shoes in about two weeks time, June 19th, for The Last of Us Part II. Review copies are being slowly pushed out to press outlets and this time it seems like it's really for real. 

There's not a ton to be gleaned from the latest Official Extended Commercial. Ellie sings along wistfully to an acoustic rendition of New Order's True Faith as she runs towards freedom, bouncing back and forth between both the Infected and some hostile survivors. The flashback intermission briefly focuses on newcomer Dina before shifting forward via the Hamsa she once wore that now adorned Ellie's wrist. 

It's non-gameplay footage, but begins to paint the tale of love and loss that will inevitably unfold in the game itself, action amidst emotion. Take a look below.