In Hardspace: Shipbreaker, everything is a gravity gun

by: Randy -
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Little did I know, before Hardspace: Shipbreaker started its making-of webseries, it was putting out videos of the tools you'll get to use. In this first-person ship dismantling sim (sim?), you're a "Zero G Surgeon" armed with a grapple tool and a cutter tool.

It's not as snappy, but it looks like you'll use the grapple tool like you'd use the gravity gun (sorry, "Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator") in Half-Life 2. Except in Hardspace, you're already in zero gravity. Regardless, it looks like it'll give you the ability to manhandle materials without having to actually manhandle it. Good for keeping your distance, whether the material you've just shaved off is too big to push and pull around, or if you need to get something hazardous from here to there.

The cutter tool—and this is where I get minor flashbacks to Dead Space—is what you use to sever small pieces of salvage from the big pieces. Without this bad boy, it doesn't look like you'd have a game on your hands at all. It's crazy that you can cut anything and everything with that laser cutter. Cutting it at any angle, even. If the Star Wars games aren't looking jealously at this in-game technology, then I don't know what they're doing.

Stuff's dangerous out there. You've got a dangerous job, but a rewarding job. And electricity, out in space, is not your friend. If you disrespect it, it will get your attention real quick, possibly discharging you (har har) from your current task. 

I'm still eagerly looking forward to early access in Summer 2020.