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Everything announced at today's massive Stadia Connect - watch in full here

by: Eric -
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Stadia held a “Stadia Connect” community event today, 04/28/2020 at 12:00 PM EST. Though announcements from the platform have come with startling regularity, this is the first Connect event in almost ten months.

The Connect began with a statement from Phil Harrison, discussing the nature of gaming in the current pandemic, as well an overview on the current Stadia promotion that has Pro being free for players for two months.

He then began dropping bombs, announcing that five new games from EA will be available on the platform. The first games that will be added included Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Madden, and FIFA (which is going to make Twitter simply explode). The last two games have not been announced. The value of this announcement simply can’t be overstated - though it should be noted that which editions of these giant sports franchises will be released on Stadia was not released. Regardless, this is a huge, huge addition to the Stadia library.

Erin Hoffman-John then focused on a number of games. After playing a DOOM: Eternal trailer, Hoffman-John gave me the shivers by announcing that Octopath Traveler is available on Stadia for purchase and play today.

She also announced Crayta, a new First on Stadia game about “making games and then playing them with your friends.” Wavebreak, another First On Stadia title, appears to be an arcade wave-runner indie with a cute cartoon graphical style. EMBR, an new indie firefighter game, also made a great impression.

Other trailers played included the previously announced Rock of Ages 3, and a new launch trailer for Get Packed (see our exclusive interview with Moonlight Studios here) which is surprise launching today. Get Packed is available on the Stadia Store right now for $19.99. Also launching today is Ubisoft’s Monopoly, which is on sale today in the Stadia Store for $10.00 (regular price $39.99.

In another huge announcement, Stadia revealed that Turing Test, Zombie Army 4, and Steamworld Heist will be the May Free with Pro games.

Free to Play PUBG was also announced. While the game officially retails for $39.99, it is free with Pro, and available for all players to jump directly into by following this link.

The Stadia Connect ended with the promise of more announcements this summer, offering a small preview of things to come with a short clip from Orcs Must Die 3.