Corruption 2029 coming from makers of Mutant Year Zero

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Corruption 2029, from its title alone, conveys that a dystopian/post-apocalyptic America will exist within a decade. Good times. This turn-based tactical strategy game comes from The Bearded Ladies, creators of duck- and warthog-having turn-based tactical strategy game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden [GN score 8 out of 10].

Judging by the developer's description of Corruption 2029 as a "hardcore tactical game that should test the mettle of even the most experienced tactical gamers," it sounds like it'll keep your fingers on the quicksave and quickload buttons. Losing multiple encounters will be part and parcel of its XCOM-like experience.

There's signal decay, jamming towers, lots of litter, and tons of fall leaves. The evil empire is made up of NAC (New America Coalition? Confederacy?) troops, zombie droids, and low-flying drones. Taking the three nearly lookalike protagonists into account, stealth will be the order of the day, coupled with heavy firepower brought to bear across wide cones of fire. A lot like The Bearded Ladies' previous title, Mutant Year Zero. Except this time your characters lack any of the distinction of Mutant Year Zero. C'mon, Howard the Duck and the Ninja Turtles' Bebop with post-apoc weaponry? Either way, Corruption 2029 does look kinda cool as you eject bullet shell casings across rural America.

Short fuse on this one. Corruption 2029 launches on the Epic Games Store on February 17.

Critically Acclaimed Studio Behind Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Announces Tactical Strategy Game CORRUPTION 2029

New IP Set in a Dystopian America to Launch on Epic Games Store in Less Than Two Weeks

Malmö, Sweden, February 7th, 2020 – Swedish game developer The Bearded Ladies, creators of 2018’s award-winning Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, has announced CORRUPTION 2029, a new tactical strategy IP set in a dystopian universe. The title will launch for Windows PC via the Epic Games Store in less than two weeks on February 17th, 2020 and is available now for pre-order.

Taking place in the not-so-distant future, CORRUPTION 2029 will have players command a squad of heavily augmented soldiers on a deadly mission to infiltrate an inhuman regime and discover the cause of an ominous corruption that turned America into an war-torn wasteland.

“We shall never tolerate a totalitarian regime; this great country was founded upon those very values.” - Senator Amanda Carello | June 8th, 2029

CORRUPTION 2029’s core mechanics will center around tactical, cover-based combat and stealth, though an array of distinct weapons and skills will offer multiple gameplay options to experiment with. Strategy is indispensable, as players must determine whether or not violence is necessary before engaging the enemy. Exploring environments in secret and scoping out vantage points may dramatically improve one’s chances of demolishing the country’s tyrannical rule and uncovering the truth behind America’s demise.

CORRUPTION 2029 releases on February 17th, 2020 for Windows PC via the Epic Games Store for $19.95.