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British Prime Minister announces Not Tonight for Nintendo Switch

by: Randy -
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This is kind of fun. Not Tonight spliced together a Switch launch trailer made up entirely of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speeches. Not Tonight is by British studio PanicBarn—and PanicBarn is absolutely, positively anti-Brexit, it seems.

Pardon me for burying the lead. Not Tonight launches on Nintendo Switch on January 31. This is specifically the Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition featuring vanilla Not Tonight and the One Love DLC. It's got two stacked layers of pixel graphics: the top layer is the widescreen side-scrolling portion, while the bottom layer is a closeup of you in your job as a 16-bit bouncer for the U.K. nightlife. It's like Papers, Please with less vodka and more tea. But not only are you keeping the wrong people out of the clubs you bounce for, you're trying to keep your job as a whole, and the tone is more than a little Orwellian. 

Our review gave Not Tonight an 8 out of 10, while still admitting in the end, "For its satirical approach, it should have gone a few steps further, and taken the risk in order to become the truly biting, funny, and meaningful social commentary that it wants to be."

Not Tonight originally initially launched on PC in 2018. Switch version coming on January 31. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have likewise been announced, but release is TBD on those platforms.