A jukebox is out to get you in new Control game mode

by: Randy -
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We don't do Game of the Year lists, per se, but if we did, Control would be in my top two—and it probably ain't number two. Out tonight, announced right alongside Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards, is Control - Expeditions. This is meant to be a challenging new game mode and is available for free to all Control game owners.

You're still Jesse Faden, newly appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, but it looks like you're rocking a flak jacket in one new outfit. There's at least a second new outfit in there, too. Could be WWII mountain climbing gear for all I know. You get to spend a lot of time in Control's Upside Down, it looks like, and there's a paranormal jukebox at the center of it all. They sure have some smooth animations going on during the trailer. I hope my vanilla PS4 version can finally run it like that. 

Further, the end of the trailer nails down a March 26, 2020, launch date for Expansion 1 - The Foundation. It can be hard to come back to a game after a long winter away. But I think Control will make coming back easy.