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A look at the evolution and decline of the Max Payne franchise

by: Nicholas -
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For Max Payne, existence is painful. The protagonist of the linear shooter franchise that started in 2001, his life is one of noir tragedy and violence that he can't seem to escape from. 

While certainly not as dramatic, the development of the game was equally strenuous. Starting with vehicle combat game Death Rally, much of the team at Remedy Entertainment began their careers in their parents' basements, according to the latest game documentary by Gvmers

Clocking in at nearly an hour, it's a doozy of an exploration, going from the ins and outs of the development of each game in the series--including surprisingly violent ports to the Gameboy Advance.

Emphasizing mostly on Remedy Entertainment, the documentary hones in on their knack for linear shooters, and how that has persevered throughout their career, all the way up to the recent Control.

It's a great watch, especially if your first foray into the series, like mine, happened with the brilliant Max Payne 3, which left the antihero enjoing his time on the beach, which is perhaps what he deserves.