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Control gets absolutely necessary photo mode tomorrow

by: Randy -
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Control is one of the best games of the year, so don't be surprised when it's on my list of best games of the year. And now one of the best games of the year [we "only" gave it an 8.5 out of 10 due to a lot of technical huffing and puffing] gets a photo mode, out tomorrow, October 16. 

The inclusion of a photo mode is practically entrapment. At least for in-game photographer types like myself. Pairing that compulsion to frame the perfect shot with the perfect lighting, Control is frighteningly photogenic. The level designers and architects bring out the beauty in Brutalism, forcing you to reconsider all the bad things you've ever said about the hard edges, top heaviness, and in-your-face authoritarian bullying that Brutalist architecture inspires. 

All the camera functions you need will be there. Field of view sliders, lens filters, and the ability to remove characters from any scene. It'll also be great capturing the insane particle effects in Control as protagonist Jesse Faden wrecks shop through the Federal Bureau of Control's headquarters. Those particle effects—concrete chunks flying through the air, toppling bureaucratic piles of papers and 20th century audio/visual equipment, not to mention all the coffee cups—is what made my vanilla PlayStation 4 sound like it had asthma. 

Here's your inhaler, little PS4. I'll be grabbing Control's 1.04 update and its photo mode tomorrow.