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In Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, video game mods *you*

by: Randy -
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Here's a secret: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the year's best city- and industry-building sim. No, it's not fully released yet; it's in Steam Early Access. That's beside the point. I can't throw an official game-of-the-year nomination at it until it fully launches, but that doesn't matter when you can throw up Communist bloc housing and statues of Comrade Lenin over an immense Eastern European countryside to the tune of Tetris pop music.

All of that aside, however, Workers & Resources Update #2 is out and there's a lot going on. It's to the point where developer 3Division appears ready to hand you the keys to development yourself. Update #2 adds Steam Workshop support for all your modding needs, along with the ability to upload new buildings and your own vehicle skins—or upload entirely new vehicles altogether. Plus an editor for creating your own landscapes. All this along with a "100% increase" to performance. I'll take it.

This is all good news for such an incredible sim that lets you manage nearly every aspect of your republic, from the economy, resource mining, and goods manufacturing, to construction, investments, and the ability to ping each and every citizen living in your country. I never thought being caught smack dab between the Soviets to the east and the democrats to the west would be so much architectural fun! And just wait until those vehicular logistics hook you, boy oh boy. (I sound like I'm kidding but I'm dead serious.)

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Content Update #2 is out now on Steam.

Kosice, Slovakia –October 7, 2019– Independent games development studio 3DIVISION release Content Update #2 for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Steam today.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon set in an imaginary communist country in Eastern Europe. The game was released in Early Access back in March and since then it has become the most successful new city builder in 2019.

This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic introduces a new type of transportation –the trolleybuses. In addition, the multi-threading performance has increased by 100%, and workshop support has been enhanced.

The workshop support for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic now allows you to upload your own vehicle skins, new vehicles, and new buildings, and craft your own landscapes.

New Features in Content Update #2

  • New type of transportation: trolleybuses
  • Multi-threading increased performance by 100%
  • Added Workshop support
  • Upload your own vehicle skins
  • Upload completely new vehicles
  • Upload new buildings
  • Editor for creating your own landscapes

Game Features

  • Manage all aspects of your own republic with planned economy, including mining resources, manufacturing goods, construction, investments, and citizens too.
  • Create your own industrial complexes with loading and unloading stations, storage, warehouses, and factories.
  • Build the infrastructure and manage its traffic, including roads, railways, sidewalks, conveyors, wiring, and pipelines. Wisely place and connect factories, houses and warehouses, and make the most efficient connections.
  • Plan and build the living areas with everything your citizens may need to live their happy life, such as playgrounds, cinema s, taverns, and shops.
  • Send your citizens to the mine to get coal, iron and other natural resources; or send them to the fields to pick up the crops; or take them to factories to produce manufactured goods.
  • Sell and purchase resources and goods from western countries or other soviet countries to get dollars or rubles and buy the products or resources you need ... or invest in new infrastructure or buildings.
  • Enjoy authentic soviet buildings and vehicles, as well as realistic landscapes of the 60's to the 90's.
  • Play the way you want! You can focus on getting natural resources or products and trade them for money; or you can build a self-sufficient republic; or you can just use the easy sandbox mode with unlimited money/resources and just enjoy building something live.
  • Prices of resources on the global market are changing over time as you play –one day you can sell or purchase steel for a $100 per ton, but in a few months the cost can rise to $200 or decrease to $50. The price of everything is connected to the cost of work and resources.