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Time to throw off Nazi occupiers in Warsaw's darkest dungeon

by: Randy -
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Warsaw, the turn-based RPG based on the true story of the Warsaw Uprising in WWII, launches this week on October 3. I'm still in love with the dark-lined illustrations, the historically based setting, and the Darkest Dungeon-style gameplay. I just really enjoy seeing sidescrollers where your lineup is as important as your attack, and where tactically placing this person next to that person can mean the difference between grabbing a loot bag or zipping up a body bag.

There's something I've gotten very wrong in my scratch-the-surface analysis of Warsaw from last week, though. I thought you'd have a static group of four heroes leading the war against German Army occupiers. But no, it looks like you'll have a potentially meat-grinding rotation of many characters fighting the good fight. It's exactly like Darkest Dungeon in that respect, where you'll probably say hello and goodbye to dozens and dozens of characters along the way. That's too bad, but it's not a deal breaker. I was hoping to get to know individual characters much better by having them stick around without the threat of random encounters ending their entire story. But hey, without risk there's no reward, right?

So, I'm still uncertain of how it'll all pan out. The earliest trailers certainly make it seem like there is a stable roster of heroes that will be sticking around for the entire war. But who knows? I'm willing to find out, since Warsaw as a whole looks fantastic.