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Star Wars: Battlefront II adds Felucia and Clone Commandos in new update

by: Nicholas -
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The journey of Star Wars: Battlefront II has been a tough one. With controversial microtransactions bogging down its first few months, it didn't do a whole lot to endear itself to me. But in recent months, DICE has done their fair share of support for the game. 

From adding characters to even convincing our own Eric Hauter to buy AND love it, it seems to be making an effort.

This is plain to see in the game's latest community update. Labeled the Cooperation update, it adds a number of goodies to the game: Clone Commandos (as reinforcements), the planet Felucia, and even Instant Action. This brings back tons of memories for me as I remember all these things from when I played the original Battlefront and the glorious Star Wars: Republic Commando back in the day. 

But enough from me. Check out the update on EA's website and watch the video below: