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Like a bat out of hell: Hades ends Epic Games Store exclusivity in December

by: Randy -
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Epic Games Store haters, rejoice. Hades' one-year Epic exclusivity expires in December. That means Supergiant Games' latest action-RPG, a roguelike dungeon crawler, gets a December 10 launch into Steam Early Access. Its Steam page is up and running, letting you add to your wishlist, follow, or ignore as you see fit.

If I remember correctly, Hades began its Epic early access program day-and-date with the opening of the Epic Games Store last year, in December 2018. This was before anyone figured out what they liked or didn't like about Epic Games and how it goes about doing its business. I sincerely hope Supergiant, makers of some of the best action-RPGs of the past eight years (see: BastionTransistor, and Pyre), have been able to successfully duck and dodge the most toxic of behaviors from Steam's customers. Consumer protests are all well and good, but I think we're all aware of how some bad actors cross the line in obvious and punishable ways.

Anyway. Hades looks rad. I haven't bought into early access myself yet because I'm of a mind and temperament to appreciate finished games more than works-in-progress. But when I do buy Hades, I will likely buy it from the storefront that gives a larger pay cut to the developers, Supergiant Games. 

Again, Hades opens its early access gates to Hell on Steam on December 10.