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World War Z Introduces First Post-Launch Content

by: Carter -
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Our friends at Saber Interactive have announced World War Z's initial season one content and release schedule. Oh, and it's free.

From May through July, World War Z will gradually release the following...

  • An additional Tokyo campaign mission (May), which will round out the Tokyo trilogy. 
  • A new special zombie (May) who's bound to add another wrinkle to our survival strategy and combat tactics.
  • A six-skull difficulty setting (June) that offers a mysterious "unique" reward.
  • Weekly challenge modes (July) plus additional cosmetics and weapon variants.

The company is also working on a wave-based horde survival mode (love the sound of that), private lobbies, and the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches.

Saber gave a little insight into our new zombie friend, who not only spits a deadly virus but also can resurrect itself - because one undead life just isn't enough. 

Keep an eye out for these upcoming World War Z updates, so you don't miss out on the zombie action.