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A motivational, visceral, and detailed examination of how the sound of God of War is created

by: Nicholas -
More On: God of War (2018)

God of War is a very good game. A revamped examination of the character of Kratos, a new setting, and an intense focus on story all tied up with an impressive gameplay aesthetic made it so. But one critical foundation of it that may have slipped through during the immersion process: the sound. 

In a new mini-doc courtesy of PlayStation, we get a glimpse at how various sounds were created for the game in an interview with lead sound designer Mike Niederquell and creative director Cory Barlog.

From Mike grinding his vocal chords and combining it with autotune, to various people walking on sand and raw t-bone steak for foley, and Cory Barlog musing on what it's like to be a dad, it's an impressive look at just one fraction of what it took to create the game. 

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